Matt Hardy Speaks about What He’ll Do to Vince McMahon If the Boss Didn’t Like Ultimate DELETION (Video)

Matt Hardy was asked about Vince McMahon’s thoughts on the Ultimate DELETION. After introducing the WWE Universe to one of his creations on Monday Night Raw, many including Hardy are not sure whether the boss loved or hated it per TMZ Sports.

However, the WWE superstar vowed to delete McMahon if he didn’t appreciate the Ultimate DELETION match between himself and Bray Wyatt.

“If McMahon has any issues with it, I certainly have a spot here at The Hardy Compound where I can DELETE him!!!” Woken Matt told TMZ Sports.

“Señor Benjamin (Hardy’s father-in-law) would love to start digging a hole for him.”

WWE’s 1st ever Ultimate DELETION match took place at Hardy’s North Carolina estate. From ringside fireworks to a lawnmower attack. From an entertainment perspective, this fight had it all, and the WWE Universe loved it. WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley did too and even put out a tweet acknowledging Hardy’s creativity.

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