Miami IG Model Explains How She Went From Homeless to Luxury Just By Adding Booking Info (Pics-Vid)

Sometimes it is just a matter of turning on your laptop to go from homeless to balling.

Case in point.

Reflecting on her journey to becoming a ‘successful sugar baby’,Jeanemarie Almulla described how the breakdown relationship left her broke and homeless.

‘I had nowhere to go and I remember my friend saying “you have to go on this site, there will be so many wealthy men who will help you out”, she told The Sun.

Jeanemarie described her first date as being with a ‘recently divorced Jewish man’, who ‘plonked $1,000 (£716) on the table’ after she shared her story with him.

Within weeks she had gone from sheltering in her car to living in a $2,500 (£1,790)-a-month waterfront penthouse and using the site as a full time job.

And the dater admits her life ‘got better’ after that, as she started to enjoy dates with older men from all backgrounds.

She was soon inundated with Gucci handbags, wads of cash and even diamond rings, as well as being flown around the world by private jet.

Describing the sugar daddies as being above 40, wealthy and sometimes married, Jeanemarie explained that she prefers to commit to long term arrangements and views her relationships the way she would a normal one.

Jeanemarie has become somewhat of a mentor to other girls aspiring to follow in her footsteps.

But she advises them against getting physical too soon, telling them that they are ‘better than that’.

And the aspiring singer, who is sometimes flown out to auditions in LA by her sugar daddies, is firm in her beliefs that the arrangement is more than a physical one.

Simple as 1, 2, 3.

Flip the page for video of her showing off her wealth and more photos of her.

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