Michael Bennett Explains How The Eagles DL are Like The Warriors; Tells NFC East QBs He’s Coming (Video)

Michael Bennett met with the media yesterday for his introductory conference as a member of the Super Bowl 52 Champions the Philadelphia Eagles. During the conference Bennett, the activist and defensive end compared the Eagles defensive line to the greatness of the Golden State Warriors.

Bennett states “I think we could have one of the greatest defensive lines to ever play the game.” The three time Pro Bowler continued his statement by saying ” Great defensive lines is about the rotation, kinda like Golden State, you want to be able to have those guys to come in and shoot and shoot and shoot and score every time.” via the Philadelphia Eagles 

Interpretation of this can be seen as Bennett, a vital piece of the Seahawks team that won Super Bowl XLVIII being like a Kevin Durant to Philly as Durant is to the Warriors; an already established championship squad that added an all-time great talent and when added to the rotation scoring increases as does the depth of the rotation enhancing the difficulty for the opponent to stop.

Bennett is staying true to his community enrichment and feminist roots, by affirming that coming to Philly is more than just winning championships on the field but “being a champion off the field, being able to work in the community, working with men and young women all across this city and being able to give back and work in youth jails and being able to work with young women; are some of the things I feel are important for me as a man and being able to be a great leader on and off the field, to keep continuously building the bridges from teams to city.”

An invaluable mindset and approach that shouldn’t be taken for granted especially in Philadelphia. Bennett also expressed his appreciation for the Seattle Seahawks trading him to a winning franchise.

“In an organization, you know there’s a shelve-life and a time for everybody, you end up running your course; I think there’s a time when the organization is going to move forward and try to play young guys but still got great players who are older but still can play at a high level and you (the organization) want to get value for them; so that’s just apart of the business and you respect everyone in the organization for their opinion but you look forward to new opportunities that are in front of you and this is a great opportunity.”

Bennett first learned of being dealt while chilling in Japan, he was moved along with a 7th round pick in exchange for Wide receiver Marcus Johnson and a 5th round pick going back to the Seahawks. Bennett  Stays ready so he ain’t gotta get ready, already taking comedic jabs in efforts to instil fear in opposing NFC East quarterbacks and other across the league stating that “It’s going to be fun” chasing QBs.

Also, make sure to purchase a copy of Bennett’s book, Things That Make White People Uncomfortable co-written by Dave Zirin and foreword by his brother Martellus Bennett releasing on April 3, 2018.

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