OJ Simpson on Michael Jackson Being Asexual, Oprah Calling, Trump Being a “Man’s Man” & Being Tired About Being Asked About That “LA Crap” aka The Murders

OJ did a long interview with the Buffalo News.

It was supposed to just be about Football, but is is OJ, so he couldn’t help but get off track and drop some quotes.  We reported on his thoughts about Colin Kaepernick, but there was more.

Here are some of the best of the rest.

Simpson had myriad other opportunities. Representatives say he has been approached by all the serious news programs, the gossip shows, Oprah Winfrey, the whole media gallery. They say he’s been offered big money to tell his story. He declined them all.

“I get so many offers to talk,” Simpson, 70, said at the Las Vegas house where he has been staying, “but everybody wants to talk about the crap.”

“I watch nothing of me,” Simpson said, between sips of his McCafe coffee. “I didn’t watch the [Fox special Sunday night] because I knew they were all haters, and people will say things that are just not true, and there’s nobody there to challenge them, and that would piss me off.

“So why? It’s a beautiful day. I’m about to go play golf. Why should I have some crap in my mind? You’ve got to let it go.”

The “L.A. thing” — he also calls it “all that L.A. crap” — refers to the murders, the low-speed freeway chase in his white Ford Bronco, the acquittal and the 1997 civil judgment that ordered him to pay $33.5 million to the Brown and Goldman estates.

OJ had some flattering things to say about Michael Jackson and was upset he couldn’t attend his funeral.

Simpson lamented the funerals he couldn’t attend, the respects he couldn’t pay. Wilson, Saban, Kemp, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson, Buffalo News writer Larry Felser, family and friends died during the nine years Simpson was incarcerated.

“There came a point where my kids would come up with their best friends and stay long weekends at Neverland Ranch, with everything available to us,” Simpson said. “We were the only ones there.

“This place was incredible, like being at the zoo and amusement park at the same time, with a Ferris wheel and bumper cars and a big movie theater. He had first-run movies and nobody behind the counter. The popcorn and candy, the kids would go get whatever they want.

“I don’t know what his sexual thing was. I thought he was asexual. But he came to my aid.”

Then there were his thoughts about Trump, who he still considers a friend.

“If you were good, he would’ve been fun,” Simpson said. “Ain’t no doubt about it. The one thing I can say about The Donald is The Donald is fun.

“Well, for a dude — and I consider myself a dude — Donald is a man’s man. He would be a fun guy. But that’s hanging out. … If the Bills weren’t winning, it would have been tough.”

Simpson and Trump once were friends and golf buddies.

Simpson attended Trump’s December 1993 wedding to Marla Maples at the Plaza Hotel in Atlantic City. Two years later, Trump suggested on the “Howard Stern Show” that Simpson was framed for the Brown Simpson and Goldman murders.

“Somebody asked me if I’d have voted for him,” Simpson said. “Probably not, but I only know two of my friends I’d vote to be president. Some of my best, best besties I would not vote to be president. That has no bearing on it, you know?”

You put a mic in front of OJ you are going to get something of use and people are going to read and watch it because they have been for the past 20+ years, so that is not changing anytime soon.

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