PGA is Back to Pimping Tiger Woods as We Close in on The Masters

This past weekend at the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill, Tiger Woods finished near the top of the field for the second consecutive week tying for 5th place, 10-under overall on the leadership board. His previous outing at the Valspar championship Woods tied for second, that’s an impressive turn of events due to the fact that Woods has struggled to stay healthy physically and being forced to sit out due to surgeries.

Nevertheless, Tiger moving forward holds is favored to once again don the green jacket and win the 2018 Masters at Augusta, with his being odds at 8-1 via Golf digest. A return to dominance for Woods was never in doubt, in my opinion, however, several pundits have slander Tiger over the past few years since the golf club incident with his now ex-wife. The temporary decline in his course play is undeniable, however, writing off a legend that singe-handly transformed the game as well as adjusting its audience should never have to experience the amount of disrespect that Tiger has.

Totaling 14 major wins by the age of 32 via not only makes Tiger the youngest to achieve that mark and he still remains just four major wins behind Jack Nicklaus who has 18 to his credit, winning his final at age 46 in 1986.

Woods has plenty of time to regain his winning form and catch Nicklaus one major win at a time. Anticipation is building as golfs GOAT, sets out on his quest to number 15, as the 2018 Masters opens on April 5.