Rondo on Ray Allen Needing to Speak His Name For Money, Book Sales & Attention; Rondo says Allen is in His Feelings

Rondo and Ray Allen don’t like each other, this isn’t breaking news.

Allen has a book coming out and frankly, most of the excerpts are about Rondo, so now Rondo says he wants a cut.

In “From the Outside: My Journey through Life and the Game I Love,” which will be published March 27, Allen, who retired from the NBA in 2014, writes that Chris Paul would have been a Celtic in 2011, but coach Doc Rivers wouldn’t send Rondo to New Orleans because of Rivers’ friendship with then-Pelicans coach Monty Williams.

“He just wants attention,” Rondo told The Boston Globe. “I need actually some sales from (the book), only (publicity) it’s been getting is from my name. I need some percentage or something. His people contact my people or something. The only pub I’ve been hearing about is when he mentions my name.”

“Obviously that man is hurting,” Rondo said of Allen. “I don’t know if it’s financially, I don’t know if it’s mentally. He wants to stay relevant. I am who I am. I don’t try to be something I’m not. I can’t say the same for him. He’s looking for attention. I’m a better human being than that. I take accountability for my actions.”

But Rondo told the newspaper he would not be against talking to Allen and trying to mend fences. “I just want to talk to him man-to-man. I don’t have a problem with the man,” Rondo said.

“I’ll be the fall guy, but damn, now you in the book talking about this and that. And for me as a teammate, I probably supported (Allen) more than anybody on the team, all (his stuff) that (he) had going on in Boston. I wasn’t mad that he went to Miami.”

This should be PPV if they do ever talk man to man.