See How Ex-NBA & Murder Defendant Jayson Williams Is Trying to Keep DMX Out Of Jail

As we previously reported, DMX is most-likely on his way to jail, the question is for how long?

Many celebrities have voiced support for DMX during his troubled recent few years, & now count Jayson Williams among them.

Yes, THAT Jayson Williams.

Some background–once NBA all-star, Jayson Williams derailed his promising NBA career when he got drunk, then shot & killed his limousine driver, Gus Christofi in what he called an accident. He then tried to cover it up. He served eighteen months for aggravated assault & covering up the shooting (he was acquitted of the more serious manslaughter charge). Upon his release, he’s been active in helping addicts by speaking around the country & opening his own rehab facility, ‘The Rebound Insititute’.

Williams has reached out & offered to take DMX into his rehab program, hopefully, in lieu of the lengthy prison sentence, prosecutors are recommending after X failed drug tests while awaiting sentencing in a federal tax evasion case.

Via TMZ:

DMX filed docs ahead of Wednesday’s sentencing which includes a letter to the judge laying out their plan to keep him on the straight and narrow. According to the letter, Jayson has offered DMX entry into his rehab program called the Rebound Institute.

The rapper’s legal teams says Jayson reached out to them, believing the faith-based center is exactly what DMX needs. According to docs, the rehab program runs a minimum of 45 days, and includes drug testing 3 days a week.

No word on if DMX has actually accepted entrance into the program, I guess the point he’s making is he’s a good enough person that people are reaching out to him?

I think a better strategy would’ve been to file the documents saying DMX is planning to go into rehab as soon as possible, seeing as how they’re already trying to send him to jail. I’m not a lawyer though, so who really knows?

His plea deal (that was violated) got him out of a possible 40-plus year sentence, so we’ll see what happens going forward.

Pray for X.