Tariq From POWER Stars in Upcoming Netflix Film AMATEUR; Watch the Official Trailer (Video)

Michael Rainey Jr., or as we all know him, Tariq St. Patrick takes center stage in Netflix’s upcoming film AMATEUR.

Words can not express the disdain Tariq caused viewers of POWER to possess.  His ability to elicit said reaction makes him a good actor in my book.  Especially if you haven’t gotten over the death of Baby Girl (I haven’t).

As the FBI-Arizona Men’s Basketball scandal has revealed once again, the recruiting of elite high school basketball players is a shady business. AMATEUR features 14-year old high school phenom Terron Forte, played by Rainey Jr., and his dealings with people looking to board his rise to collegiate prominence.

The trailer gives off HE GOT GAME vibes and is produced by Jason Michael Berman, Chip Hourihan and Mark Moran

Flip the page for the official trailer