Wife Says She Hasn’t Seen Her Husband in 3 Years; Cops Finds His Remains in Her Backyard; She Hasn’t Been Arrested

When Florida authorities followed up on a call from a concerned friend of a missing Walt Disney World worker, they ended up finding human remains.

On February 16,  the Lake County Sherriff’s Office went to 36-year old Michael Shaver’s home to check on him. They were met at the door by his wife, Laura Shaver, who told authorities she hasn’t seen her husband since 2015 according to the Orlando Sentinel. She allowed a search of the home until investigators asked permission to bring in cadaver dogs when they noticed fresh concrete that was dumped near the fire pit. She refused and asked for a lawyer. When authorities received their warrant, articles of clothing and parts of a human skeleton were discovered in the concrete.

Records show Michael was arrested for domestic violence charges that were later dropped. In 2014, WKMG-TV states the two argued over a house project that turned physical. Reports claim Laura was pushed up against the wall ended up with bruises. During the fight, Laura or Michael struggled for a gun but Michael ended up being hit with it causing a laceration on top of his head. The gun was confiscated.

Laura Shaver is a person of interest.