Big 3 League Recap: Andre Owens Drafted Number 1; Bonzi Wells and Quintin Richardson Make The Cut (Video)

The 2018 Big 3 draft took place Thursday night in Los Angeles as the league makes final preparations before the start of the second season.

With seven of the league’s eight teams participating in the draft to fill 19 vacant spots, Trilogy did not participate per league rules that specify the championship team must defend with their existing roster, selections were made over the course of three rounds.

Picked number one overall in the draft was ex-Utah Jazz point guard Andre Owens by the Ball Hogs.

Other notable picks in the draft included Chris “Birdman” Anderson formerly of the Cavs, ex-Clipper Quintin Richardson and ex-Piston Bonzi Wells. With a mere 19 available spots open for the pool of 60-plus potential draftees, a number of players in the Fox studio left disappointed.

The BIG3 season kicks off on June 22 in Houston.

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