BSO Review: Avengers: Infinity War is The Dream Team of Superhero Movies, But Was it The 1992 or 2004 Version

Superteams don’t always work.

One of the problems with Superteams is when you throw them together without really building a foundation, the chemistry just isn’t there even if they are big stars on the squad.

If you have talent, you can still be successful, but not win the ultimate prize (see 2004 Lakers, 2010 HEAT or 2017 Justice League). When you cultivate your talent organically and add big-time pieces as you go along, then you have the ability to create a dream team (see the Warriors before they got Kevin Durant and once they added Kevin Durant).

Marvel has done a good job of slowly adding to a team that was already good to the point by the time we got to Infinity War; one could call them a Dream Team. It is one thing to have Michael Jordan, but then you add Magic, Bird, Barkley, etc it seemed like a team that couldn’t be beaten.

But, we have seen Dream Teams fail to live up to expectation, like the 2004 Dream Team which featured a young LeBron, Melo, and Wade.  This is a team that also had Allen Iverson and Tim Duncan.  That is five future Hall of Famers that only came home with a Bronze medal.

So, when I stepped into the Dolby Theatre to watch Infinity War with Robert Downey Jr, the rest of the cast and a who’s who of Hollywood I wondered to myself which Dream Team would this movie be.

1992 or 2004, the answer might surprise you.

Flip the page if you want to read about the actual movie, no major spoilers will be revealed, but I will tell you the pros and cons of the film.