Dana White is Looking to Sign Greg Hardy to UFC; Here’s How Close It is to Happening

It appears ex-NFL pass rusher Greg Hardy has found his niche in a sport a little more violent than pro football…who would’ve guessed, given the heinous domestic violence situation that ultimately cost him his NFL career?

After a 3-0 start in amateur fighting, Hardy, 29, has secured his first professional MMA fight, with eyes on signing an exclusive UFC contract if he’s successful.


According to sources, Hardy will face Brandon Sayles (5-1) in the first episode of the upcoming season, which UFC officials have not formally announced. MMA Today first reported the news.

This is pretty much a ‘boom or bust’ situation. Hardy could be a terror in the heavyweight division, or he could be just another football player thinking he has what it takes to dominate the cage the same way he dominated O-linemen and will get submitted in 30 seconds. If that’s the case, his career likely won’t last very long. But if he wins in spectacular fashion, he’ll be sucked right up into the huge STARPOWER vacuum left by Conor McGregor’s absence.

In other words, the UFC is dying for a star to market, & Hardy MIGHT have a chance to be if things bounce in his favor.

Again, boom or bust.

Either way, it’ll be entertaining to see how things play out.

Flip the pages to see both of Hardy’s amateur knockout wins and why Dana is interested: