Details on How Much Money Waffle House Hero James Shaw Jr. Has Raised For Victims Since Shooting

After seeing how this young man is handling his newfound fame & attention, I am really hoping he is strongly considering going into public office in the near future.  These are the exact types of young men & women we need to pull this country up to where the United States should be.

Not only is James Shaw Jr. responsible for saving the lives of every survivor of April 22nd’s Massacre at a Tennesse Waffle House; but he’s now also championing raising money to support victim’s recovery.

So far he’s amassed over $150k in donations via GoFundMe, via CNN.

He’s also sparked a series of donations from around the country. One man in New York has raised almost $165k to help victims, along with the Antioch, Tennessee Waffle House where four innocent people of color lost their lives to yet another white American terrorist. That store is pledging to donate all of it’s May proceeds to the victims.

Shaw Jr. is credited with lunging at the shooter, Travis Reinking while he attempted to reload his weapon, knocking the gun out of Reinking’s hands & chasing him out of the restaurant. Police then peacefully arrested him almost 36 hours later.

You’d think the President of the United States would recognize this young man, especially when he was so quick to publicly ridicule the Florida sheriffs that failed to act during the Parkland school shooting earlier this year. But then again, it’s not entirly surprising that Trump; who had time to thank Kanye for hyping him up this week, would neglect to mention Shaw Jr.’s heroic lifesaving acts.

Chicago Tribune reporter Dahleen Glanton offered her reasoning as to why Trump has been mum on the subject:

Some insist that the president’s apparent indifference to the latest round of executions by a deranged gunman wielding an AR-15 assault rifle reeks of racism. I will leave that for others to debate.

There are, however, two undeniable reasons Trump has refused to say anything about the shooting: He doesn’t want to. And he doesn’t have to.

Trump established where he stands with people of color long before that half-naked gunman walked into a Nashville Waffle House and started firing at patrons with a semi-automatic weapon he never should have had.

Flip the page to see Shaw Jr. humbly explain how he stopped the Waffle House terrorist: