Details On Southwest Airlines Having To Make Emergency Landing After Passenger Almost Got Sucked Out Of Plane (Video)

This morning, a Southwest Airlines flight from New York City that was heading to Dallas had to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia. This was due to engine problems and that reportedly also injured a passenger on board that almost made them get sucked out of the plane, according to CNN.

The Dallas-bound flight was midway through its trip past the Philadelphia area when the mechanical probelems started to occur. Emergency responders were there when the plane landed at the airport in Philly.

Passenger Kristopher Johnson told CNN what happened when the engine started to have problems.

“We were leaving LaGuardia heading to Dallas,” said Johnson. “We were west of Philadelphia probably about 30,000 feet, and all of a sudden we just heard this loud bang, rattling and then it felt like one of the engines went out. The oxygen masks dropped and flight attendants did a good job. The pilot came on and said we’re diverting to Philadelphia and, you know, there was a serious medical injury. I don’t know much about that, but I was sitting in the front. With a couple passengers. We just got the mask on and as soon as we landed, we were thankful.”

There has only been one injured passenger. The National Transport Safety Bureau is still gathering more information.

Flip the page to watch footage of the plane in Philadelphia.