Details on When The X-Men & Fantastic 4 Are Coming Over to Marvel to Be Rebooted

Marvel has shown they can take minor characters and make them big franchises (see Black Panther and Ant Man). They have also shown they can take big stars and reboot them (see Spider-Man).

If you have been frustrated with the X-Men series and Fantastic 4, the good news is Marvel will now get a shot and making them whole again very soon.

A new report states that X-Men: Dark Phoenix will be the last 20th Century Fox X-Men film before the company merges with Disney. posted the news, gathering intel from Comic Genre, which stated that the film will not only be the last Marvel film made under Fox, but it might also be the last in that particular continuity. According to the report, this would come in time enough for the MCU Phase 4, which would be the MCU continuity of films post-2019’s Avengers film.

“Apparently, the X-Men being integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a done deal, and merely awaiting the approval of the merger,” wrote Comic Genre. “Kevin Feige is ‘hoovering up’ all of the Fox-Marvel characters, and is already planning for them all to go into Phase 4. This includes the X-Men, Deadpool, and Fantastic Four. In what capacity and with what actors was not discussed.”

Deadpool is the only one I’d be worried about because Disney hates R Ratings.

But, I think the best way to introduce any other character is how they did Black Panther and Spider-Man, chill on the backstory and just dropped them into a movie (doesn’t matter which one). Black Panther and Spider-Man solo movies were helped immensely by their appearances in Civil War.

If Storm shows up in a Black Panther movie or the Fantastic Four showed up in a Spider-Man movie it would go a long way to reshaping their image.

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