Even After Cutting Brandon Marshall The Giants Have No Interest in Dez Bryant at the Moment; Only One Team Has Shown Semi Interest in Dez..

It is my opinion that the way Dez handled his release didn’t do him any favors. The best thing he could have done was be quiet, but instead, he lashed out and then has been campaigning for a week, basically begging the Giants to sign him.  You lose any leverage you have when you tip your hand.

The reason he wants the Giants to sign him doesn’t have to do with them being in NFC East; it is Dez doesn’t want to lose the spotlight as he had in Dallas.

Maybe the Giants will give him a look, but at the moment it isn’t happening via PFT.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, the Giants “are not at this point in time vying for his services.”

The only team that has shown real interest have been the Ravens, but no contract has been presented.