Gym That Denied Boxer Jermell Charlo Entry For Smelling Like Weed Says it Wasn’t Racial; Here Is The Apology They Issued (Video)

The Gym that denied Jermell Charlo entry and called the Police on them issued him and his crew an apology today. 

Yesterday, Life Time Athletic in Manhattan denied Charlo and his friends entry into their gym because they were being black.

Charlo and his friends even videoed one of Life Time Athletic’s employees saying that the gym would not allow them to come inside because she claimed that they all “smelled like weed.”

Pretty hard to a imagine a World Champion Boxer, at the peak of his 30-0 career, getting high, and only then trying to get into a gym, but that’s beside the point.

Life Time Athletic claims that Charlo and his friends were not being racially profiled. 

A Life Time Athletic representative audaciously told TMZ Sports:

Upon our immediate review of the matter, this is not an issue of discrimination, as has been alleged.

In fact, on both April 18 and 19, Life Time extended guest access to Mr. Jermall Charlo and Mr. Jermell Charlo, along with their group. As this matter escalated, staff felt unsafe given an ensuing verbal altercation.

To be clear, we apologize for what appears to be a misunderstanding concerning our guest policy. Ultimately, we always welcome all individuals and the opportunity to serve them in a safe and respectful manner.

Usually, we get statements like the one above before the racist videos leak out, but Life Time Athletic cut straight to the chase for us.

Jermell Charlo told TMZ that Life Time Athletic can keep their couched-apology:

I’m a black man and they didn’t let me in.

Charlo likely responded this way because Charlo and his friends recorded a video of the entire incident, and in the video, Life Time Athletic clearly didn’t let Charlo and his friends in the gym… because they were being racist…and Charlo and his friends were being black. 

Flip the page for the video of Charlo and his boys getting kicked out and what happened when Police came.

Lorenzo Washington

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH