Here’s 7 Reasons You Should Send Your Kid to Camp This Summer

Have you been wondering if your children would benefit from spending their summer break at a camp? If you ever went to camp during your childhood, you know how much fun it can really be. Not only can going to summer camp be a lot of fun for your kids, it can also be a beneficial way for them to hone in on their physical, social, and academic skills. They can learn lifelong lessons and cultivate relationships that span for years. Below are just a few more reasons it makes sense to send your kids to camp this summer.

Improves Social Skills

While enrolled in summer camp, your children will learn to be more social. They are placed in an environment in which they are taught how to work and play with others from diverse backgrounds and cultures. They not only build lasting relationships but learn how to deal with conflict as it arises with the support of counselors and mentors on hand when needed.

Encourages Healthy Activity

Are your kids couch potatoes? Would they prefer to be watching television or playing video games instead of going outside? While these things can be fine sometimes, too much sitting around is bad for their health. This can lead to, among other things, childhood obesity. However, with activities like archery, horseback riding, and hiking at camp, your children will get outdoors more and are encouraged (sometimes required) to participate in healthy and fun physical activities.

Keeps the Brain Sharp

Did you know that when your children spend their summer breaks at home doing nothing, they can lose several months of educationfrom their grade level? They can forget math and reading concepts taught to them the year before, causing them to fall behind at the start of the school year. Many summer camps now are geared towards making education fun. They offer programs like STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) to help keep their minds sharp and ready. They also have camps for those who like language arts, writing, and creative arts.

Boosts Confidence

Did you know that sending your kids to summer camp this year could help improve the way they feel about themselves? Whether they’ve helped other campers complete a project or they participated in a new activity that challenged their boundaries, every accomplishment makes them feel better about themselves. Your children will return home with a heightened sense of self-pride.

Fosters Teamwork

A valuable lesson that your children will learn while enrolled in summer camp is how to work together. They are taught that if they want to succeed it is best to do it with the support of their peers. Kids are taught problem-solving and team-building skills through activities like starting campfires, putting up tents, playing games, preparing meals, and much more.

Inspires Personal Growth

Though camp may seem like nothing more than a playground designed to give kids something to do during the summer, the truth is it nurtures personal growth. As they learn new skills and cultivate new relationships, they become more confident in who they are and interested in improving upon that. With rewards for new skills learned and tasks accomplished, your children are inspired to be upstanding people.

So, is summer camp worth the investment this year? Based on the above-mentioned benefits, the answer seems like a no-brainer. Camp is more than just a fun summer pastime. For many children, it is the foundation for building connections and learning more about who they are. If you haven’t started searching yet, now is the perfect time to begin looking for affordable summer camps for your children.