How Russell Westbrook’s Actions Could Potentially Suspend Him For Game 5 (Video)

With the Thunder down 3-1 to the Utah Jazz in the first round, and Carmelo Anthony looking a shell of himself, it does not seem things could get much worse for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Well, they have. While not only being physically dominated last night, they were also mentally defeated. All game the thunder players were getting into altercations, lead by there leader Russell Westbrook. During the fourth quarter, Russ had enough and took his frustration out on Rudy Gobert. After Gobert and Raymond Felton got into it, though not immediately. Westbrook walked onto the court, and he and Gobert swiped at each other. What seemed like a harmless slap, could now land him on the sidelines for game 5. According to Andy Larsen of, the NBA did not allow the officials to discuss the play after the game because it was being reviewed by the league’s disciplinary committee.

“The question: was Westbrook waved on the court by the officials or was he leaving the bench area to participate in an altercation? The latter would be an ejection and a suspension for Game 5,” Larsen said.

The OKC Thunder are already down 3-1 in this series, they have almost no chance to win Game 5 without Russell Westbrook. I doubt the NBA will sway the odds in that way, but we have to wait and see. WHY NOT?

Flip the page to see the play that might sideline Russell Westbrook out for Game 5. In addition, how some of the Utah Jazz players reached to the news.

Nicholas Brown

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