K Michelle Might Be in a Wheelchair From Complications in Trying to Get Her Surgically Enhanced Butt Removed (Photos)

We all know that Love & Hip Hop star and R&B singer K Michelle had her butt enhanced and it seems like it wasn’t worth it. According to JasmineBrand, KMichelle updated her fans  that she may have to perform in a wheelchair after her second surgery on her butt.

“I really can’t believe this has happened to me. I’m very serious about performing in a wheel chair by any means necessary. Maybe my friend 2chainz will loan me his. Ive been a little down not performing on the weekends that’s my therapy. Thank you @thequeenofkash for flying out for my surgery today. Thanks @beautybytayrivera for my flowers and @trinarockstarr @iamthequeenkarenking @ferraritru3 @iambridgetkelly @jefe @kingofhair @rocko2real @rkelly @krayzie_bone @shodsantiago @zenafoster all my Rebels I truly need you and love you. I promise you my heart is full of song.

Really can’t wait to get back to “Rebellious Soul” K and empty out my heart. To the people who haven’t been there no worries I will never talk to you again, and to the ones calling who hurt me before this stop calling, I don’t wanna make up. This has really change my life. I gotta get this hate and hurt out my heart and i’m not ready to forgive. I’m just not. No one knows what it feels like to look in the mirror and not know your body anymore. University of Memphis I will see you even if I can’t walk. I need the energy.”

She said a week ago that her surgery was a mistake that she is trying to correct.

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