Kanye Tweets He Likes How The Black Tomi Lahren Thinks & All of MAGA Came Out to Co-Sign Ye; Kanye Said He Would Have Voted for Trump

When Kanye started tweeting again people acting like he was saying some very profound stuff, but he wasn’t, that is just how people hype up celebrity.

I’ve always liked Kanye music and how at times he bucks against the establishment, but there are also times that we must remember that Ye was being friends with Trump and supports someone who hates black people like Candace Owens.

Owens who is often called the Black Tomi Lahren is the perfect black person for MAGA.  She can say all the racist things they want to say, but can’t because they are white, but since she is black she is given a platform to be their mouthpiece.

For Kanye to say he co-signs that is problematic at best as Complex reported.

Kanye was very clear he would have voted for Trump, so when you are doing your hero worship keep that in mind.

Flip the page to see all the racist MAGA people co-signing his tweet.

12 thoughts on “Kanye Tweets He Likes How The Black Tomi Lahren Thinks & All of MAGA Came Out to Co-Sign Ye; Kanye Said He Would Have Voted for Trump

  • I’m confused what does Kanye mean he WOULD HAVE voted for Trump? Where has he been all this time he couldn’t vote?

  • So what? At the end of the day Kanye has ONE vote just like anybody else. Let him use it however he likes.

  • If this wasn’t a tweet, I’d say it may be false news (hopefully) but he tweeted this mess. This is just my humble opinion I mean no harm to any race of ppl: I think…He is trying to garner all the support he can from white ppl to continually and successfully sell his clothing line bc he thinks the white ppl will be his biggest supporters and this will secure his business relationships with white ppl that he values so much…he had been trying to be accepted by big fashion designers for so long, hoping they would go in business with him but he was too black and had went against Taylor Swift a couple times in support of Beyoncé but see all that has stopped…he removed himself from the spotlight to reinvent an image that would appeal to white ppl in power and if he gets the presidents stamp of approval he thinks he will will all his supporters too…it’s so obvious and so thirsty. What he doesn’t realize is once you’ve been uninvited to the cookout ain’t no return. This is an unfortunate time to reveal such savagery bc his album is about to drop so if there is a lack of support by black ppl…welp…this is why! Has he ever once said Black Lives Matter?? I’m guessing not…he lost me with this one…dang and I liked his music too…smh…can’t get behind him on this, not with all the murders of unarmed black men and women bc ppl feel empowered to do so under this administration. “What you want me to do, I’m sorry.” (Jay-Z voice)

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