Kardashian Fans Flood Tristan Thompson’s IG With Over 270k Negative Comments; Here are Some of the Best

The Kardashians are like a cult.

They have crazy fans, so I am not surprised by this.

Tristan Thompson‘s Instagram account was flooded with more than 270,000 brutal comments from Khloé Kardashian fans after reports that he cheated on her.

“I hope you step on many Legos,” one Kardashian fan wrote. “I hope you get taken and Liam Neeson doesn’t find you!” wrote another.

“I hope you stub your pinky toe!!” another commented, while someone else hoped that “Blac Chyna hits you with a stroller.”

Earlier this week, Thompson’s posts were also filled with snake emojis, and there are thousands more “I hope …” comments on a number of his pics, with people writing, “I hope Kris Jenner has a plan for you,” “I hope you don’t use ‘we were on a break,’ as an excuse for what you did,” “I hope you get hiccups for the rest of your life” and “I hope you get stuck in an elevator with Solange.”

Very funny.

Flip the page for TTK’s cheating video.