Lamar Jackson on Tom Brady Calling Him a Beast and Chances on Playing With Patriots

The NFL Draft is set to take place this Thursday in Chicago and quarterback Lamar Jackson is expected to be one of the first quarterbacks selected. The Patriots have shown interest in Jackson and have the No. 23rd and 31st in the draft. Tom Brady has also been complementary of Jackson and his talent. Pro Football Focus Charean Williams reported:

Brady called Jackson “a beast” on his Instagram account earlier this month.

“When Brady said I’m a beast, I’m like, ‘Brady said that!?’” Jackson said. “Brady don’t really come out too much and talk, but that’s one of the guys I’ve looked up to as well, playing football and just trying to learn to be a quarterback.”

Jackson has visited the team and also worked out for offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. According to Pro Football Talk, Jackson mentions:

“We were just talking, having a conversation and he was just giggling,” said Jackson, who couldn’t remember what prompted the laughter. “He started laughing, and I was like, ‘Oh snap!’

“He was cool, laid back. He just wanted to talk.”

Jackson said Belichick, McDaniels and Brady could help him “grow more” as a quarterback.

Jackson appears thrilled with the possibility of playing for the Patriots and learn behind Brady similar to the role Jimmy Garropolo played before finding success with the San Francisco 49ers. We will find out if the Patriots in fact make this a reality.

Emilio Azukwu

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