Lamar Odom on How he is Going to Get People High to Make Them Healthy (Video)

Lamar Odom has had a very interesting go at life, but unlike most us, his story was on the main screen. In fact, some people might not even know Lamar Odom as a former professional athlete, which is very sad. After battling both mental and physical health alignments, Odom has found a new stride in life. Lamar Odom told TMZ Sports he has been working on a cannabis idea for over a year now called “Rich Soil”. However not for himself, Odom believes he can help others with his new business.

Odom says his goal to get people “healthy high,” saying … “I want to get people better, bro. If I can get ’em high, I can get ’em better.”

Odom is 110% behind his product, because for him, the proof is evident in his life everyday. Flip to page to see Lamar Odom explain the benefits of “Rich Soil” and how he plans on helping people.

Nicholas Brown

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