NBA Admits LeBron’s Block Was a Goaltend, But Also Admits The Pacers Got The Benefit of a Bad Call as Well (Video)

In the final seconds of Game 5 of the Cavs-Pacer game, Victor Oladipo put up a go-ahead lay-up off the back board with about five seconds left, and LeBron blocked the ball off the glass, after the ball had already touched the backboard. 

What you see above here is what is known as a “goaltend.”

Today, the NBA released its last-two-minute report, and admitted that the Refs missed the call. 

Last night, Oladipo even had some choice words for the missed-call in his post game:

However, in this same last-two-minute report, the NBA also admitted that the Referees mistakenly called a turnover on LeBron with 27.6 seconds left, so the Cavs should have retained possession of the ball. 

In sum, while Oladipo might have a legitimate gripe with the no-call, he probably never should have had the ball to even get a no-call in the first place. 

So the calls kind of evened out. Well kind of…

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Lorenzo Washington

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH