New Accuser on R. Kelly Making Her Act Like a Dog in Public

Another young woman came forward with more bizarre and graphic allegations against R. Kelly. 

The young woman, 19, goes by “Queen” in order to protect her identity. 

Queen claims that she met R. Kelly when she was 19, and formed a sexual relationship over the course of 11months.

Queen told the Root that she had been tested weeks before becoming exclusive with R. Kelly and she was STD free. Now, Queen has contracted herpes and is claiming that R. Kelly transmitted them to her. 

Queen spoke to the Root via text message to detail her side of the story in her own words:

I met R. Kelly in March of 2017 at a concert. He asked for my number and we kept in contact. We met up approximately six times over an 11-month period.

Over time, he gradually began to introduce me to his lifestyle and eventually confessed to me about a group of women that shared him sexually and lived in his home under certain restrictions and requirements. He introduced me first to Jocelyn Savage, who he said I should get to know but without sharing any personal information about ourselves or backgrounds.

I told Kelly that I was not comfortable with sex with other women and that I had reservations about his lifestyle. He said […] he didn’t anticipate that he would use me for group sex, but if he decided to, I would have to consent without protest. He began providing me instructions on how to behave around him, how to address him, how to sit, how to walk, how I was allowed to interact with the opposite sex, how I should respond to commands from him.

Example: He told me if we were ever in public and one of his friends came up to him and greeted him, that if he addressed me as “his bitch” I was not to respond negatively. I was told that he wanted his women to remind him of his puppy, his mother or his daughter. He also warned that as our relationship grew he would need total control and access to my social media, phone and contacts.

On another occasion, he went on to explain to me that he needed me to sign a contract for his protection and offer collateral damaging information about myself and family. Instead of going along with these very bizarre protocols, I ended our relationship in February of this year.

During the time that I was being groomed to join Kelly’s sex cult, I was recorded without permission; he also watched himself engaging in sexual acts with other women around me. I was kept in solitude for extensive periods of time, coerced into engaging in sexual acts that I did not want to engage in and treated very much like something less than human.

Kelly was working to break me down in order to have complete control of me the way he appears to have control of the other women in his home. From my observation, Jocelyn Savage appears to [be] very much broken and unhappy but fearful of leaving Kelly’s home. I communicated as much to the Savage family.

Queen’s attorney S. Lee Merritt is scheduled to hold a press conference this Tuesday at Dallas Police Department headquarters.

Lorenzo Washington

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH