On IG Blac Chyna Breaks Up With Teen Rapper She Took School Shopping & to Six Flags (Photos)

I don’t think anyone is surprised by this.

Chyna changes boyfriends as frequently as she changes wigs.

Chyna’s had her fair share or whirlwind romances. Her romance with YBN Almighty Jay was almost record-breakingly short. Even though the rapper stuck by her during the Disneyland debacle, the pair couldn’t pull through to make this one last.

Yesterday the 29-year-old public figure posted a bit of a messy flick of YBN Nahmir admitting with her caption that she’s “been single.” Nahmir is the labelmate of the 18-year-old rapper and was very vocally about his disapproval of the relationship. Nahmir previously commented in a HOT97 interview that Blac Chyna is “cool” but that’s a situation he would “stay away from.” Since she was his friend’s girl at the time, he explained that he had no problem being cordial, but would’ve avoided getting mixed with her romantically. Jay was apparently “taking one for the team”.

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