Original Member of Tristan Thompson-Kardashian’s Thotourage™ Lani Blair Returns to IG After 3 Weeks Absence & Gets Lit Up By Kardashian Fans in The Comments (Photos)

The IG model that started it all.

If it wasn’t for Lani Blair we wouldn’t have known about the 20+ women that Tristan Thompson has been dealing with over the past 12 months.

I am not judging her, because people cheat everyday B, not an unusual occurrence. Since the story broke, she has been keeping a low profile, but you can’t be an IG model if you are hiding on IG. After a 3 weeks absence, she came back with a Fashion Nova post of course and was lit up by Kardashian fans in the comments.

She might want to turn those off.

Flip the pages for some of the comments, new photos of Miss Blair and Tristan cheating videos.