Story Of How A Naked Avery Johnson Tried To Fight Malik Rose After 2000 Spurs Loss

Current Alabama men’s basketball head coach Avery Johnson spent nine seasons with the Spurs during his NBA playing career. In a report by ESPN’s Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated, he detailed a Chicago Tribune report which highlighted a March 2000 Spurs loss vs the Cavs where Johnson got into it with Malik Rose. The dispute was over a missed defensive assignment that resulted in an Andre Miller three ball.

The tension between Johnson and Rose translated into the locker room following the loss. Johnson was naked and about to take a shower but on the way to doing that, he slapped Rose in front of his locker. That soon resulted in Rose trying to take a punch at Johnson but slipped while doing so because of the ice that he slipped on that was from teammate Marior Elie.

Rose was being held back by his Spurs teammates but Johnson was still naked and throwing things and breaking TVs. He also had a verbal altercation with Greg Popovich, David Robinson, and Terry Porter.

San Antonio is dealing with a bruised relationship with Kawhi Leonard at the moment but at least he’s not naked and fighting teammates in the locker room.