Tekashi69 & Crew Linked to Shooting At the Adrien Broner Fight; Broner & Tekashi69 Have Been Beefing on Social Media (Video)

If only Adrien Broner could focus on fighting and not all this other stuff, he could have been one of the best fighters in the world. Instead he is just a good fighter, who has never reached his full potential.

A week before the fight he was beefing with clown rapper Tekashi69 and that led to some violence happening during his fight.

Someone in Tekashi69’s crew allegedly fired a gun inside the Barclays Center this weekend, but it had nothing to do with Adrien Broner … TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us cops believe an unidentified member of Tekashi’s entourage fired a shot inside Barclays Saturday night during an altercation with a rival rap crew headed by Brooklyn-based MC Casanova, who Tekashi’s been beefing with online.

We’re told police understand the situation as follows … Tekashi and his guys were heading down a hallway in Barclays to hit up a VIP area in the arena, when they bumped into Casanova and co. along the way. The two crews started pushing and shoving … and someone in Tekashi’s group allegedly discharged one round from a firearm.

Sources tell us a .32 caliber shell casing was recovered afterward, but it was not processed after it was touched by arena staff. We’re told no one was hit by the shot, and both crews dispersed … with Casanova and his pals fleeing the grounds entirely.

It appears they weren’t done going after Casanova.

Another one of Tekashi69’s crew members are under police investigation for a shooting in which two men were hit — both with ties to 69’s rival, Casanova.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Casanova was filming a music video in NYC’s Bedford-Stuyvesant Thursday when at least ten shots were fired at the crew. We’re told two men were hit with bullets, but are expected to make full recoveries.

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