Two Sorority Girls From Penn State & William Patterson Are Filmed Saying N*gger (Video)

Two young women have the internet on fire after videos have revealed them using the N-word. One is from Pennsylvania State University and the other attends William Patterson University, according to VladTV.

William Patterson has identified one of the students, and they’re pretty embarrassed with her actions.

“We are disgusted by this behavior which does not reflect our values or those we expect from our students.”

A student at Penn State took to Twitter to share.

“Her name is Jasmine Barkley. This is my university Penn State. Beyond ridiculous. @penn_state Y’all already know the deal. Just do your thing.”

Penn State has also released a statement about the student in the elevator dropping the N-word.

“Penn State’s embrace of diversity & inclusion and opposition to prejudice & hate are clear. We condemn racist messages, as they are hateful and violate our institutional values. We cannot, however, impose sanctions for constitutionally protected speech, no matter how offensive.”

Stay tuned for more updates on this ongoing situation, flip the page for the video.