Tyra Banks on The Difference Between Real Models & IG Models and Why She Has a Crush on 2Chainz (Video)

Tyra Banks is a beautiful woman with a fantastic personality, even when she’s crying to her Mama over spicy food.

Banks, joined by her mother, paid a visit to First We Feast to discuss her new book “Perfect is Boring,” while downing super spicy wings. During the conversation, the supermodel TV host weighed in on two interesting subjects, 2 Chainz and Instagram Models.

When Banks finds out that 2 Chainz named dropped her in one of his raps, she goes on to make it clear she’s single and likes tall men with money…just like him.

Later in the video, she breaks down the difference between “Real Models” and “Instagram Models” and whether or not Instagram has been a help or a hindrance to the modeling industry.

And then the hot sauce really kicked in.

To see Tyra cry over hot sauce, explain the difference in real vs. IG models plus her 2 Chainz crush, flip the page.