Update On The Return Of Stephen Curry

Currently as it stands, the Golden State Warriors and the New Orleans Pelicans are the only teams to go up 3-0 in there series.  Both teams have truly dominated the competition, however one team has been without the MVP. Stephen Curry missed the first round of the playoffs due to an MCL injury, one that sidelined him for the end of the regular season. Curry’s injury on March 23rd against the Hawks, was only supposed to sideline him for four to six weeks. Well today marks the fourth week, and when Yahoo Sports Writer Chris Cwik spoke to Marcus Thompson II of the Athletic, it was discovered he could be endanger of missing the start of the second round.

Friday will make four weeks since the injury. It is looking as if the ligament will need a full six weeks to heal. That six-week point would be May 4. That could mean it’s more realistic for Curry, who no doubt is desperate to return to action, to return for Game 3 of the next round — especially if you factor in the Warriors’ usual cautiousness.

With the Warriors having four true All Stars, of course the rest of the team is holding up without Curry. Yet in still, the Pelicans have proved to be a real threat in the West, and the Warriors will have there hands full if both teams do end up meeting in the second round.

Nicholas Brown

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