YG on NBA Players Being Soft & How He Could Play in League Right Now (Video)

YG just revealed his thoughts about the current NBA ahead of playoff weekend and some players may not like what he had to say.

The Compton rapper recently spoke to TMZ Sports when he was asked about who should win the Most Valuable Player for the regular season. Even though he’s an Oklahoma Thunder’s fan, YG said that Houston Rockets superstar James Harden should win the MVP ahead of Russell Westbrook, despite the latter averaging a triple-double for a second consecutive season.

However, it what the rapper said after that caught everyone’s attention. YG called the league soft, so soft that he is confident that even he could play in it.

“They play softer than a mother f**ker,” YG said … “I feel like I could play in the NBA with all these soft ass n****s.”

YG also had a message for the people who’re discrediting Westbrook’s statistics by claiming that the reigning MVP is padding his stats by robbing teammates off rebounds, most notably center Steven Adams. YG states that Westbrook has more heart and desire compared to others.

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