Broncos LB Brandon Marshall Calls Trump Disgusting; Doug Baldwin Calls Trump An Idiot; Will NFL Players Push Back on New Anthem Rule (Video)

Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall knelt for eight games last season to protest racial inequality in America because there is, in fact, racial inequality in America. 

Despite most of the owners in the NFL and Roger Goodell having eye balls, and TVs, and internet, and cellular phones, the NFL is still somehow unaware of any racial inequality in America. 

Thus, it is not terribly surprising that the NFL is leaning towards punishing players, who kneel for the national anthem, this upcoming year.

After the NFL announced that it is considering punishing the players that peacefully protest in order to provide a voice for victims of social inequities, President Donald Trump praised the NFL for its courage in vigorously ignoring racism like they vigorously ignore violence against women. Trump even said that the NFL’s punishments for kneeling may not be strict enough:

I think that’s good…I don’t think people should be staying in locker rooms, but still I think it’s good. You have to stand proudly for the national anthem or you shouldn’t be playing, you shouldn’t be there. Maybe you shouldn’t be in the country.

Brandon Marshall played with Colin Kaepernick at Nevada and he was one of the first NFL players to join Colin in kneeling. 

According to ESPN, Marshall also met with officials of the Denver Police Department  to discuss the use-of-force policies in Colorado and also does everything in his power to help build bridges between his community and the Cops. 

President Trump would simply say that this type of man is not the type of man that deserves to live in our country. 

Steelers DB Artie Burns says that Trump is a real bully.

Saints LB Demario Davis says “it’s never been about kneeling.” He’s correct.

Doug Baldwin, on the other hand, was more frank on the subject. He just called Trump an idiot—straight up.

Baldwin went to Stanford, and dumb people are not allowed to attend Stanford; however, Trump would probably kick Baldwin out the country too.

Flip the pages to see Brandon Marshall, Artie Burns, Demario Davis, and Doug Baldwin all discussing the fact that President Trump doesn’t even feel like NFL players deserve to live in America.

Lorenzo Washington

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH

2 thoughts on “Broncos LB Brandon Marshall Calls Trump Disgusting; Doug Baldwin Calls Trump An Idiot; Will NFL Players Push Back on New Anthem Rule (Video)

  • I hope more black athletes step up. Thus racist bigot trump is trying to make black men bow down. This is strictly about putting black men “in their place”. This is leftover from President Obama winning the election twice and refusing to humble himself for racist white men. So any successful black man they deem “too uppity” such as millionaire black athletes, they will do everything in their power to make them bow down. All that racist rhetoric towards President Obama was about all black people. trump gave all racist white folks permission to tell black folks how they really feel about us. They believe they are superior so they are going to make these black athletes to submit to them. Going to make them say, massa.

  • All the black players should boycott the NFL at the same time and watch how fast Colin Kaepernick is signed and how Roger Goodell stop playing into his fan base and Donald Trump!

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