BSO at Combine: Duke Trevon Duval on How Tar Heel Fans Reacted to His Retweet of Him Dunking on Garrison Brooks (Video)

With social media at its peek, one Facebook status, Instagram post, tweet on Twitter or even a 24-hour Snapchat picture can backfire. Not just for celebrities or politicians (as we see President Trump do this every other tweet), but for athletes as well and he or she doesn’t even have to be on a professional level.

Trevon Duval, from Duke, experienced this backlash. The 19-year old guard from Queens NY retweeted one of his monstrous dunks on North Carolina Tar Heel player Garrison Brooks. This tweet came at an odd time as the Blue Devils lost to their rival 82 to 78 back on February 8. Per 12up, he retweeted the dunk while he was in the locker room.

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