BSO at NBA Combine: Cody Martin Gives Us Details About Fighting His Twin Caleb During One-on-One; Playing College Ball & How LeBron Motivated Him (Video)

Having siblings is hard but being a twin must be harder. Being mistaken for the other all the time making you feel as if you need a name tag. Cody and Caleb can relate with Martin on the back of both of their jerseys. From North Carolina to the basketball court at Nevada University, these twins are inseparable so mistaken identity is expected. I am guilty of this as I thought I was approaching Caleb but read the name tag before speaking with Cody at the NBA Combine in Chicago.

The Martin twins will not be the first set of twins to possibly make it to the NBA. Throughout NBA history, there’s been several set of twins on the court like Horace and Harvey Grant or Brook and Robin Lopez.

Cody was all smiles speaking about growing up with Caleb, the fights, the hugs and their journey together. If they make it to the NBA, playing together or separately, it won’t change a thing.

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