Details on NYPD Investigating 50 Cent For Making Threats Against a Health Inspector After He Hashtagged #GetTheStrap

50 Cent is currently being investigated by the NYPD after an Instagram post with his signature #GetTheStrap hashtag has a health inspector reportedly fearing for his life.

Page Six reports that NYPD is investigating 50 aka Curtis Jackson after he shared an Instagram post of Lust club owner.

“Get the strap,” Fitty told his 18.1 million followers on Wednesday — a catchphrase he uses at the end of many of his posts on the social media site. He was apparently referring to Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez, head of the 72nd Precinct in Sunset Park, following stories about the police boss allegedly squeezing the owner of the Love & Lust club for gifts, including free round-trip tickets to Puerto Rico.

They trying to shut him down,” the rapper posted on Instagram of Love & Lust owner Imran Jairam, who has put the NYPD on notice of his intent to sue for $125 million over his claim that Gonzalez unfairly targeted his club for inspections in order to squeeze him for perks.

“Oh no not LUST,” Fitty (given name Curtis James Jackson III) wrote of the club, an apparent favorite of his.

Fitty tagged the club owner, @stardnr, in his post.

The rapper’s apparent call to arms inspired a fusillade of threats from his followers — prompting Gonzalez to file a police complaint against Fitty.

Gonzalez “is annoyed, alarmed, and is in fear of his safety,” according to a criminal complaint filed with the 72nd Precinct that was obtained by The Post, which names the CO as a “complaining victim.”

“Comments included, but are not limited to, ‘Get the strap’ multiple times, [and] ‘F—k this commander has to get the strap ASAP,’ ” the complaint said.

The investigation is still underway with the NYPD considering charges of misdemeanor aggravated harassment, which alleges a threat to cause physical harm.