Details on UGA DB Tray Bishop Getting Arrested For Leaking Sex Tape He Made With Woman

According to DawgsNation, UGA DB Detravion “Tray” Bishop was arrested for criminal eavesdropping and surveillance. 

Reports allege that Bishop recorded a sex act from a woman without the woman’s permission on November 5, 2017. 

That would have been the Sunday after Georgia played South Carolina. 

In a statement on the incident, Police provided:

The complainant wished to report that there was a student going around showing people a sex tape of her … without her consent,” the police report said. “… A subsequent investigation into this incident led us into determining that the crime of unlawful eavesdropping occurred on [Nov. 5]. The investigation showed that Detravion Bishop had recorded [victim’s name] inside his dorm room without her permission and without her knowledge…

UGA Head Coach Kirby Smart also acknowledge that he is aware of Bishop’s situation:

Certainly it’s disappointing when a player or any other young person under our charge is arrested, and we don’t condone any illegal or improper behavior…That being said, university policies are being followed. We are investigating the matter and it’s important that we gather all information relevant to the situation before we determine what policies may come into play. Then we can take appropriate action if necessary.

Bishop bonded out of jail for $5,700. 

Bishop primarily played quarterback in high school; however, the redshirt freshman was competing for a starting spot on in the UGA defensive backfield after making the switch to safety this year.

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