Ex-MLB Pitcher Matt Mantei Admits to Domestic Violence Against His Wife, But Receives No Jail Time or Probation

Back in mid-April, Ex-MLB player Matt Mantei was charged with a misdemeanor domestic violence charge against his wife of only three months, Erica Mantei, at their Michigan home in Royalton Township. According to the police report obtained of the night of April 17, Erica claimed that her husband “grabbed her forearms and threw her to the floor” after they had a disagreement about the contents of her cell phone. Mantei then allegedly got on top of her and squeezed her hands, causing minor injuries to her fingers. His antics continued and he began to “[throw] items around the house and [tear] things off the wall”. Mrs. Mantei called 911 and her husband was arrested based upon her visible bruises and swelling.

Now, once 100 mph pitcher Matt Mantei has been convicted of domestic violence against his wife, in which he pled no contest.

But, in 2018 fashion, instead of jail time or probation, the former Red Sox pitcher was only required to pay $635 in court fees and fines, which has already been paid, according to TMZ. The end.