How a 25-Year Man Joined a Dallas HS Basketball to Drop Buckets on Kids (Video)

A 25 year old man decided to pose as a teenager who became homeless as a result of Hurricane Harvey that devastated the Houston area last year. The man initially enrolled in the Dallas area high school Skyline as a Harvey forced him to relocate and then transferred to Hillcrest High School in the same school district.

Fox4 News is reporting that the 25 year old man was known throughout the Hillcrest as Rashaun Sidney Robinson, 17 year old senior. The man’s actual name is Sidney Bouvier Gilstrap-Portley. According to the news report mentions that he also competed in high school basketball this past season and appears to have built a name for himself with his classmates but more specifically his female classmates:

A grown man posing as a teen to play ball may not be all that has occurred.

“He was popular. A lot of the girls liked him and he was giving her attention though,” one mom said.

The mother, who will remain unnamed or shown by fox4, said the man they all thought was a teen made a play for her daughter.

“Even after reading some of their text messages. he would say, ‘Like, you know, I know all these girls are saying things to you — but I’m choosing you,’” the mom said.

This mother says her daughter told her that the two had kissed and he had touched her “inappropriately.”

Police are investigating the allegations regarding his interaction with the female students and the school district will look to make changes to some of the liberal regulations they have towards homeless students. One would think that most high school students would be accompanied with a parent/guardian when they are looking to enroll in a new school. It seems odd that more questions didn’t arise when the man expressed his wish to enroll unaccompanied by anyone.

Flip the page for the video of this story’s details.

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