How Nick Foles Got The Eagles To Reject A Deal Sending Him To the Browns for a 2nd Round Pick

A backup quarterback winning a franchise it’s first Super Bowl is something you would only see in movies. Yet it did happen for the Phialdelphia Eagles with their back up, former starter, Nick Foles. This win gave Foles major value and one could understand if the Eagles made a trade.

Their phone did wrong according to the NFL. Reports claim the Cleveland Browns contacted the Eagles for Foles. They were willing to give up the 35th overall pick in this year’s draft for the 29-year old quarterback.

Eagles did not respond immediately. They in fact ran it by Foles first. He told them he did not want to be traded so the Eagles rejected the deal and Browns got Tyrod Taylor from the Buffalo Bills.

Foles staying in Philadelphia is reassurance that they’ll have a Super Bowl quarterback available if Carson Wentz doesn’t live up to his potential after this ACL injury. Foles did re-work his contract that will get him a $2 million bonus for 2018 and $14 million incentives.