Jay Ajayi Being Sued For Having Too Many IG Model Post Super Bowl Parties at an AirBnB; Ajayi Implies He Was Racially Discriminated Against

We really need an Airbnb-esq service catered to young black people.

Before you say “but what about when they trash the places with parties?”, do you mean like Cancun hotels? Vegas hotels? Hell, almost any hotel in the United States. Every time a frat trashes a timeshare in Miami, I don’t see all these new regulations & weird antics like “being forced to pay cash” being levied in the overall rental contracts.

Black people have had racially rooted issues with Airbnb since the company started. From owners not renting to black groups, to false accusations & outrageous service fees, there’s plenty of documented problems when it comes to using what should be an easy & convenient service…you know, like it is for everyone else.

Eagles running back Jay Ajayi rented out an L.A. mansion Airbnb to celebrate his Super Bowl championship with friends & ended up with a $25k lawsuit. The owner is claiming Ajayi ruined the place with parties & then pushed him when confronted about it.

TMZ has the details:

The 24-year-old is being sued by the owner of a swanky 6,000 square foot pad located above the famous Sunset Strip … where the RB and a friend stayed back in February for 5 days after Ajayi won the Super Bowl.

According to the suit, Ajayi and his buddy threw at least 3 parties at the house despite the fact they were specifically told — NO PARTIES!

In fact, the owner claims he charged a $5,000 fee for each party at the home … which Ajayi never paid.

Additionally, the owner claims Ajayi broke a table, scratched some floors and violated the no smoking rule.

In total, Ajayi racked up $25,000 in penalty fees — but when the owner confronted Jay on Feb. 18, he claims Ajayi “pushed [him] on [his] chest in a menacing and threatening manner.”

The owner describes the incident as battery — and said he had to call local security to remove the NFL star from the property.

Ajayi is denying all accusations & says the owner discriminated against he & his group by demanding a cash payment, which isn’t the way Airbnb works:

A rep for Ajayi tells TMZ Sports the lawsuit is bogus … adamantly denying Jay ever physically pushed the owner of the home.

They also deny Jay damaged the property in any way … or hosted any parties.

Instead they claim the owner tried to get Jay and his friend to pay him cash directly — bypassing the Airbnb website — so they say they left the house several days early … but still paid the full rate.

No photos or video of Ajayi damaging the property have been released as of this time, however after some digging, I’ve discovered this is the same man who tried to sue Beyonce for shooting a video for the song “Why Don’t You Love Me” in his neighborhood back in 2010 & “blocking his driveway”, coincidently for $25k, the same amount he’s suing Ajayi for:

Via, LA Curbed

“Have you seen Beyoncé’s video for “Why Don’t You Love Me”? She engages in some high-heeled homemaking, spills her martini, dusts her Grammys, and wiggles all over a house in Mt. Olympus. It looks like fun! But on the other side of the camera, Philip Markowitz, the man who lives across the street from that Mt. Olympus house, says he suffered “inconvenience, annoyance, ridicule, scorn, embarrassment, humiliation, and hurt feelings” throughout its day-long shoot (So did Beyoncé’s character in the video, coincidentally.). He filed suit last week against Beyoncé, the shoot’s production coordinator, and a couple of companies involved, and is asking for $25,000, according to the AP. TMZ has the filing, and it leads off with the fancy neighborhood offensive: “Houses in [Mt. Olympus] range in value, all in the millions of dollars. People in that community, including without limitation Mr. Markowitz, pay for and reasonably expect some level of peace and privacy in and around their homes.