JR Smith Gives Explanation On Why He Ran Out Clock During a Tie Game; Do You Believe Him?; Ty Lue Gives Different Reason (Video)

JR Smith’s outstanding rebound over Draymond Green, followed by blunderous decision to dribble the ball out instead of attempting a game-winning shot, is undoubtedly the Cavs blackeye of a well-fought battle in game 1 of the NBA finals against the Warriors.

Following the loss, Smith told Brian Windhorst of ESPN that he didn’t blunder, he was a trying to get a shot off.

Do you believe him? Coach Lue believed otherwise and so did the ABC broadcast team that captured video of Smith right after the turnover.

Here is what Ty Lue had to say.

Q. Obviously a lot to get to there. First, what did you say or what did JR say to you in the locker room about the play at the end of regulation?

TYRONN LUE: He thought it was over.

Q. He thought it was over?

TYRONN LUE: He thought we were up 1.

To see Smith explain the play, and the play in question that potentially cost the Cavs the game, flip the pages.