Lomachenko vs Linares Preview: Will Lomachenko Stop Linares to Become a 3 Division Champion?

While we’re all busy worrying if Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder will happen, a major fight is going to take place tonight between Vasiliy Lomachenko and Jorge Linares. Does Lomachenko have enough to stop Linares? Or does Linares have the formula to beat Lomachenko?

The action is set to take off tonight between WBO super featherweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko (10-1, 8 KO) and WBA lightweight titleholder Jorge Linares (44-3, 27 KO). To the naked eye, 27 KO’s trumps the other but not so fast. You can’t automatically dismiss Loma now. It’s pretty evident that Linares is the much more experienced boxer. Unlike most recent fights, this one isn’t going to be decided by an age factor; they’re only 2 years apart.

Ladies and gentlemen, this will come down to their power.

Lomachenko has an extra chip on his shoulders as he won the Fighter of the Year award last night. Might that be enough to keep the momentum going? That could possibly be the case. You should recall his recent bout with Guillermo Rigondeaux, in which we expected this to possibly go near the 12 rounds but ended after 6. Loma is hungry and you can tell that he’s really eager to come out on top.

Let’s not forget about the elephant in the room- there’s a title on the line and it happens to belong to Linares.

In terms of reach, Linares only has a few inches on Loma but something tells me that it’s not enough. For tonight’s fight, look for Loma to stop Linares late in the fight. It seems like it’s the common sentiment for tonight’s fight amongst boxing but Loma, with all due respect, is an animal and is yearning for this victory. In addition, you can also expect a little more bloodshed on Linares’ part.

How will this one end exactly? Loma wins by TKO. Linares’ power jab won’t be enough to keep Loma off him tonight.

Now, how can you all watch this greatness? The action starts tonight on ESPN at 8 pm and you can also stream it on the Watch ESPN App.

Erika Fernandez

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