Metta World Peace On How Him Being Offered $35k To Lose A Game In College Makes Him Have Doubts About Legal Sports Bets (Video)

The Supreme Court has made sports betting legal in all states and business is about to be boomin’. One athlete who is skeptical about the move is former NBA player Metta World Peace.

World Peace told Jared Quay of Yahoo Sports how when he played at St John’s in college, he was offered $35k to throw a game. He said he was intrigued by the $35k initually until it was mentioned that he had to throw a game.

“That’s the problem. When you don’t have no money, they find these kids that ain’t got no money, and they attack them,” said World Peace. “What if I was some kid that was a little scared? ‘OK, I’ll do it,’ right? That’s the problem I have with betting, because these guys that are betting. Some of them are bullies, and they’ll force a kid into a situation, and then, when the kid’s trying to go the NBA, they hold it against the kid. They gotta have really harsh rules on people using kids.”

World Peace also had an awkward vibe whenever someone told him that he won them a lot of money in sports betting. He would always respond by saying how it’s illegal and he can’t discuss betting. These convos along with him getting that $35k offer have played roles as to why World Peace is opposed to sports betting being legalized.

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