Ohio Woman Arrested For Leaving Baby in Car to Get Her Hair Done, But….(Video)

I am just going to assume they hairdresser was just at the beginning because there is no way it was done looking like she does in the mugshot.

A 37-year-old has been arrested after police say she left her baby in the car with a window cracked while getting her hair done.

Police say Jaimyce McClinton left her seven-month-old in a GMC Yukon for more than 30 minutes while getting her hair done Tuesday in Colerain.

Police say McClinton told them she was inside Empire Beauty School getting her hair done. She told police according to the report she left the child with her teen son, but police looked at security video which they say captured the entire incident and her son was nowhere around.

Police contacted child protective services after the incident. The baby is expected to be OK.

“I mean these children are gifts from God. And there are too many parents out here by name only. Not by action,” Judge Ted Berry said during her arraignment on Wednesday. “…it’s very troubling – if the allegations are true.”

She is being held on $4500 bond and can’t see her kid. Flip the page for news video of the story and more of the terrible hairdo…