Punishments for Cops Who Tased & Assaulted Bucks Sterling Brown Revealed & It’s Really Weak; Police Union Statement Confirming Cops Can Be Thugs Because of Badge (Video)

You have seen the video by now.

Bucks Sterling Brown goes to Walgreens at 2 am and parks in two handicap spaces. It was a juvenile thing to do but should be noted no one was at the Walgreens at the time.

Not 1, but 5 cops surround him because he is a tall black man in a nice car and harass him instead of just giving him a ticket. Eventually, they do what most cops do when it is five of them and one black person, the beat the hell out of the black person and try to cover it up.

The cops got slap on the wrist punishments.

The Milwaukee police officer who first confronted Milwaukee Bucks rookie Sterling Brown outside a Walgreens in January was suspended for two days, the Journal Sentinel has learned.

Two supervisors who later arrived, escalating the situation, were suspended for 10 and 15 days, sources said. Several other officers were reprimanded.

What is even more disturbing is the police union confirming that the cops are a legalized gang and can use force whenever they feel like it.

The sad thing is the statement is accurate, the police can basically get away with legit murder because of their badges.

Flip the pages for the discussing video of the cops tasing Brown.