Robert Kraft Gives 2 Reasons Why Tom Brady Skipped OTAs & Speaks on if There is Beef With Belichick

Eyes are all on Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s relationship when it comes to the New England Patriots. Forget that they didn’t win the Super Bowl, that’s happened to them before. To see these two on the verge of divorce is a different story.

Belichick refused to speak about Brady skipping OTAs yesterday but Robert Kraft was kind enough to answer the questions for him today.

Per CBS Sports, Kraft said he’s in contact with Brady and he’s enjoying his time with his wife and family. Plus the OTA’s are “voluntary”. When it comes to Brady and Belichick, Kraft insist their no strain between the two.

“Nothing’s changed. Everything’s good.”

Brady told PEOPLE in March that he plans to keep playing as long a his family supports it.

“I love playing and I want to keep going, ’cause I think there’s more to achieve and I still think I can play at a really high level. As long as I’m willing to make the commitment, my family gets the time they need, [then] hopefully I can keep playing the game I love”

The 5-time Super Bowl quarterback will be 41 entering the 2018-19 season. He has no means of retiring any time soon.