Serge Ibaka on How The Raptors Can Stop Getting Their Asses Kicked By LeBron In The Playoffs (Video)

It seems like no matter how good the Toronto Raptors look during the regular season, or even in the playoffs to a point; whenever they run into LeBron James, they revert into frightened antelope & allow the lion to feast.

I mean, just look:

That’s only one example of many.

The Raptors brought in Serge Ibaka to bolster the middle & try to stop LeBron from having his way in the paint.

It didn’t work, as LeBron did exactly that in the playoffs. Easy trips to the basket combined with yet another disappearing act from ‘stars’ DeMar DeRozan & Kyle Lowry respectfully, led to another early playoff mopping up.

TMZ cameras caught up with Ibaka at LAX & asked him how he thought the Raptors would be able to make progress in their quest to de-throne the king next year. LeBron has owned the Raptors since he’s been in the NBA, so the question is a valid one & personally, I don’t think there’s an answer short of LeBron retiring.

Flip the page for Serge speaking on LeBron’s dominance: